James and I started seeing each other in the spring of 2006.  We met through an on-line dating service, and we talked on-line and on the phone for about a month before we actually met.  We ended up having our first date on April Fool’s Day!  Somehow, James did manage to behave himself and not play any tricks though.  I guess he was trying very hard to make a good first impression.  He succeeded, obviously.

We ended up spending a lot of time together very quickly after that.  We just seemed to really click.  By July, we were seeing each other at least every weekend, he was going to church with me pretty much every weekend, and sometimes we saw each other during the week too.

By fall, I think we both pretty much knew we wanted things to be more permanent.  Eventually, we began talking about it little by little.  We made plans for the holidays - cooking Thanksgiving together at my house for his family, and planning for him to go back to Indiana with me for Christmas, so he could meet all of my family.  That all went really well....  whew!

I can’t say I was completely surprised when he asked me to marry him.  We had already discussed it, and I actually knew he had ordered the ring, since I had picked out what I wanted.  I just didn’t know when exactly he would be getting the ring, or when he was planning to ask me.  So, when he asked me if he could take me out to dinner that Friday, and asked me to dress up, and said he was going to take me to the aquarium first, I had a pretty good idea that was probably the night.  But he did do a pretty good job of misdirecting me.  I figured he would ask me at dinner, since he asked me to dress up and said he was taking me to my favorite restaurant in Inner Harbor.

When we got to the Aquarium, I knew something was up immediately.  He went up to the member’s desk where we normally check in and get our tickets (I have an annual membership) and told the woman at the desk that we were supposed to meet someone.  We waited a few moments, and another woman came rushing down to meet us, as we were running a little late.  We rushed over to the dolphinarium, but it wasn’t time for the dolphin show yet.  She escorted us inside the auditorium, and started explaining to us how we had to take off all of our jewelry, wipe our feet, wipe our hands, and things like that to make sure the dolphins didn’t get injured.  That’s when I realized that James had somehow arranged for us to have a private training session with one of the trainers and a dolphin!!!!!

We went backstage, and over to one of the pools, and were introduced to one of the trainers.  She brought over Nani, one of the dolphins, and I got to pet her, touch her stomach, touch her tail, and give her several commands for her to tail walk across the water, to slap the water, and things like that.  It was incredible!

Then the trainer had me give Nani a command to make some sounds.  She then said that they know a lot about dolphins, and though they think that dolphins are communicating when they make sounds like that, they aren’t sure what the dolphins are saying.  She then asked me if I had any idea what Nani might be saying.  I said that I did think they communicate, but that I had no idea what they might be saying.

The trainer then turned to James and asked him if he had any idea what they might be saying.  He said no.  So she asked him if he was sure he didn’t have any idea what they might be saying.  About that time, the woman who had brought us down walked up behind him and nudged him and whispered to him.

Evidently, the problem was the James had gotten so enthralled with watching how happy and excited I was, he forgot that that was his cue!  Ha Ha Ha!

James then looked at me and said that he thought that Nani might be telling him to ask me if I would marry him.

I have to admit - he completely surprised me.  I was so enthralled with being there with the dolphins, I completely forgot that I thought he was going to propose.  So I just kind of stood there with my mouth open for a moment, then I started crying a little and hugged him, and completely forgot to tell him yes at first.  I finally ended up kind of nodding yes into his chest.  The trainers asked if that was yes, and he told them it was.

They then had the dolphins start jumping and tail walking and slapping the water and making all kinds of commotion.  It was really incredible.

It was really great too, because one of them too these pictures for us, and one of them took the video.  The video isn’t up yet, because I managed to accidentally erase it off my computer, but as soon as I get it loaded back on my computer, I’ll have it on here too.

And that’s the story of James and me!

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