Two Sunrise Sessions at the Castle

When we got married down at Disney World, we decided to buy the Magic Kingdom Portrait Session package.  This meant we got to go into the Magic Kingdom starting at 6 a.m. in the morning, when the park is empty - well, mostly -  and get our pictures taken in and around the castle in our wedding clothes.  We did it the morning of our wedding, before our 10 a.m. wedding.  It really was a GREAT experience.  Except...  we got a photographer that was not feeling well that day, and he also just did not seem that “into” taking pictures of us, especially once he found out we were using an outside photographer for the wedding itself.  When we saw the pictures about a month after the wedding, we were really disappointed.  They were ok.  They were good wedding shots.  They just weren’t magical.  They weren’t at all what Magic Kingdom Portrait Shots should have been.  Not for as much as it costs to get them.

At first, we just didn’t do anything.  But we started talking with Disney, letting them know the things we were unhappy about.  We didn’t really see what we could do about it though.  Going down with and doing the whole thing over, in our wedding clothes, just wasn’t practical.  But, when the person at Disney we were working with found out we were going to be there again for our anniversary, she arranged for another shoot for us, and also arranged it so that we could do it in our Renaissance costumes instead of our wedding clothes.  Since we had worn the costumes on our honeymoon to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and to eat in Cinderella’s castle, on Halloween night, that seemed to be an appropriate alternative.  And the costumes fit in well with the castle too.

And, just to brag a little - I made both of our costumes.