How it all began......

The Engagement and Our Wedding Day

We have the photos back from our professional photographer, Misty Miotto.  They are beautiful!!!  The challenge will be finding the time to go through and get them all on the site - or at least most of them.  In the meantime, I picked just a few of my favorites to put up here on the website as a placeholder until I can devote more time to really setting this all up and getting it all looking the way it should.

I’m also working on putting up screen captures of our Magic Kingdom shoots (yes, that is plural - more explanation of that on that page).  We don’t have the digital images of those yet, but eventually we will, and in the meantime, the screen captures will have to do.

James planned an incredible engagement surprise for me, and pictures of it, plus the story of how we met, are on the engagement page.

The Pre-wedding section just has a few shots from the early morning getting ready for and before we left for the Magic Kingdom shoot.  I may add a few others later, from when I was looking for a dress and trying out the hairstyle for my tiara.

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Our Wedding DayOur_Wedding.html